Indigo® Platinum MasterCard® Review – Pre Qualify with no hard pull

Some of the cards that emerge on our webpagina are from companies that wij receive compensation from. Compensation from affiliate relationships permit us to maintain and update our webpagina.

However, our editorial and consumer reviews are objective and not affected by our relationships and compensation. Te fact, wij have turned down relationship request from issuers that want to influence our reviews.

Compensation may influence how and where wij place products (for example, the order which they are placed on a category pagina).

While our webpagina reviews many cards, wij recognize that wij cannot possibly review every card on the market.

Our editorial and consumer strak ratings are based on independent reviews and not influenced by compensation and affiliate relationships.

  • Indigo chooses applicants to have at least Five credit lines (at the very least you should have Two open trade lines ter your credit report). If you do not have that amount of trade lines open, get a secured credit card like the Opensky Secured Credit Card or an effortless to get card like Fingerhut.
  • Your existing lines vereiste have no late payment for at least one year (ie. no latest misdadiger accounts)
  • FICO score of inbetween 540 to 680
  • Bankruptcy is OK
  • Indigo does not look at income

You might be wondering why I am mentioning payment methods today. The reason is because many complaints you read on the internet (and even here) is due to card holders not understanding how payment methods truly work and how many days does it take for payments to clear and how many days can Indigo hold your payment for.

  • online payment through their webstek
  • payment overheen the phone
  • MoneyGram
  • Check via snail mail

According to Indigo’s webstek, you payment should clear and funds will be made available the same day it it received spil long spil it is before 5pm PST. They do however advice those who send a check via snail mail to send at least Ten days before the due date to give yourselves some buffer. Payment date is considered when they receive the check and not the date that you send.

I am writing about the dispute process if you find there is a mistake on your Indigo statement because many complaints you read around the web is a result of card holders not understanding the decent process of disputing a charge and blaming bad customer service. Like many credit card companies, you need to write a letterteken to dispute a charge (they are not Amex!).

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