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We’re going to vertoning you how to order mining equipment for the Giga Watt service, step by step.

If you already have an account at, you can order the equipment from the panel by clicking “Buy Miners”:

Please note that the mining hardware store instantly notifies visitors that existing Giga Watt inc customers are presently being served. All orders made ter this store will be shipped directly to company’s hosting facilities ter the US. Te other words, huis delivery is presently not possible.

To make a purchase you need to register on the webstek by clicking the adequate button:

You’ll see a plain registration form, it will take you less than Three minutes to pack it out:

Registration is especially significant for Giga Watt token holders.

Token holder status is indicated at the very bottom of the registration form:

It is significant to note that the system will verify the information about token ownership. If you want to confirm token ownership without any problems, please register at with the same email address that you used for the and websites.

Shortly after completing the registration you will receive a welcome letterteken from the mining hardware store which will confirm that you can make purchases. Usually users receive this notification within 24 hours after registration.

Gigawatt hardware store provides discounts for WTT token owners. After registration, it is significant to check whether the system has identified you spil a Giga Watt token proprietor or not.

The system will send a letterteken with the following content:

Ter case you do not receive such letterteken, you will have to check for discount by hand.

To do so, you need to open the pagina of any miner and reminisce the price:

After that, you need to loom te to the webpagina and open the same pagina of the same miner that you opened earlier:

Spil you can see, before authorization the miner cost is 3100 dollars, after authorization the miner cost is 3000 dollars. The discount means that the information about token ownership has bot applied and everything works correctly. If this didn’t toebijten, and you truly are a token possessor and can confirm it, wij suggest that you voeling the store’s technical support.

If everything is good, you can then place an order for desired equipment you want to purchase. To do this, click on “Add to cart” button and the system will notify you about this:

Then click “View Cart”:

You can see 1 miner ter your cart

Then click on “Proceed to checkout”: button

You will be taken to “Billing Details” pagina.

Please note that on this pagina you will need to pack out your billing information. Billing and shipping address may vary, so if you waterput a different billing address it doesn’t mean that hardware will be delivered to the provided address. All the purchased orders from this web webpagina will be shipped directly to Giga Watt’s mining facilities.

If you scroll down, you will see payment method options.

After you have chosen the payment method and have agreed with the terms of the order, click on the button “Place an order”.

You’ll see a window with order details for payment amount:

Once your payment is accomplish you will receive a confirmation email with the details of your purchase.

Wasgoed it difficult to place an order? I’m sure not!

Please note that your order vereiste be finished within 90 minutes. If your payment is not accomplish, you will receive the following email:

Most likely you will have to restart your order process.

If you have any questions, please voeling Giga Watt support. Wij wish you successful shopping and work with Giga Watt.

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