Cloud Mining Investments

Cloud Mining is one of the most popular Bitcoin investment opportunities available so far. The future might bring a thicker multitude of ways to make money with Bitcoin, spil investment projects are just at the beginning right now and more engagement ter this field has to come up palm ter palm with cryptocurrency gaining more popularity and acceptance.

Caution: There are generally Two kinds of Cloud Mining Investment opportunities suggested online:

1. Investing te Real Bitcoin Cloud Mining Pools

The very first sort are real mining pools with real hardware, a location like a hall where they are actually mining and they are gaining profits by crypto mining activity. If you invest te those real mining firms, you participate te their profits which they generate by mining. Those actual cloud mining companies can be found te the comparison table on our vooraanzicht pagina.

Two. Investing ter HYIPs (High Yield Investment Programs) for Bitcoin (Ponzi Schemes)

The 2nd sort of cloud mining companies are firms that only consist of a webstek and a laptop generated investment system ter the background. Those investment websites only use the term “crypto mining company” or similar to look serious. Sometimes they also use other terms such spil “crypto trading company” or anything else which sounds like a real investment business ter the field of cryptocurrency.

Those “cloud mining firms” are Ponzi Schemes and investing ter them has most likely nothing to do with indeed investing ter cloud mining. So you invest te nothing sustainable but te a scam that just lives spil long spil people keep investing. There is a certain name for such websites, which is called Bitcoin High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP). Something very evident which separates those programs from real cloud mining companies, are the extreme high profits they promise, like a duo of percentages daily. Sometimes they even state high hourly profits.

Investing Ter High Yield Bitcoin Cloud Mining Scams

The way to make money online at BTC HYIPs is to participate te those projects by making a deposit and let the system payout the promised comebacks either hourly, daily or after a given runtime which has to end very first.

Participating is super effortless spil well spil anonymous. You just need to signup with a username, password and e-mail address and make a deposit te Bitcoin – spil third step you choose an investment project with a certain runtime and ROI and the system starts to run. Then you can voorkeur your daily profits by simply withdrawing them from the webstek to your individual Bitcoin address.

Sounds excellent – or rather to good to be true? Well, of course there is a downside spil wij mentioned that those programs are scams, or at least turn into scams sooner or zometeen.

Understanding Those Ponzi Schemes

Let’s explain ter detail how those Bitcoin High Yield Investment Programs actually work to find out if enormous gains can be true or not.

Spil already mentioned those HYIP programs most likely don’t have real cloud mining activity ter the background. It looks like they only live from the investments users make all the time, which keeps the project running. Spil soon spil there aren’t enough fresh investors depositing money anymore, the system gets a problem to payout the older investors’ comes back. So simply said, each terugwedstrijd you get is taken 100% from the deposit of a fresh investor. This is how classic Ponzi schemes work.

So you see that many so-called Bitcoin cloud mining investment companies are scams, especially if they are listed on High yield investment program monitoring websites.

Bitcoin High Yield Cloud Mining Investment Scams — Can Somebody Earn High Profits Anyway?

Yes, nevertheless it is possible to get those high comes back which those projects promise. But only if you are amoung the early investors. That’s why a lotsbestemming of insiders are hunting the latest HYIPs to attempt their luck. But to be clear – what you do is not investing, it is zuivere gambling, which you can do on dedicated bitcoin gambling websites spil well..

So how can you make sure you are amoung those early investors who are more likely going to get their promised profits?

Well, spil said, the system is fairly effortless. Each typical Bitcoin HYIP goes through a certain life cycle. The early investors have the largest chance to get their comebacks on investment back together with their pricipal, spil long spil the system runs. The system only runs spil long spil there are enough daily fresh investors making fresh deposits.

After a certain amount of time, which can last from a duo of days to even half a year or more, there comes the point when there aren’t enough fresh investments anymore to payout the older investors. That’s the point when the system stops paying and the webpagina is likely to be offline very soon. So the earlier you get into the system, the more likely you indeed get that massive profit.

Monitoring Cloud Mining Companies which actually are none

Now you understand the reason why some Bitcoin HYIP monitor websites observe those HYIP sites demonstrating the runtimes te a daily actualized list. So people can estimate more lightly if it might make sense to still invest or not spil they can see how old the project already is. Because it happens that participants just get too late into the program’s life cycle and then of course don’t get their principal plus profit back.

You should take BTC HYIPs rather spil a kleintje of spel than spil a serious Investment

So if you take it spil a kleuter of spel, and go after some rules, it can be joy and even profitable to participate te those programs. But you have to be aware that they are what they are. And they can zekering every day without warning. One of the most significant rules is of course never to invest Bitcoins which you can’t afford to lose.

So if you are a fan of high yield Bitcoin cloud mining programs because you like this kleuter of thrill and gambling, then have joy and attempt your luck spil an early investor!

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