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If everything goes spil vanaf the project, Bitcoin will soon be a part of an entrepreneurship education curriculum. Set against the idea of intensely extravagant and narrow-minded banking sector, the aforesaid program — designed by tech startup initiative Youth Business USA — educates youthfull entrepreneurs about the methods.

Gola Yashu |, February 28, 2015 |, Ten:45 pm

Bitcoin Price Weekly Analysis 28/Two/2015 – Cracking Out of the Old Trend

The past week wasgoed utter of activity on the (BTC/USD) charts. Albeit the week began by a bearish wave that took bitcoin price down to around $231, a rather strong bullish wave took the price up to $263 yesterday. So, let’s take a look at the week’s charts.

Jayanand Sagar |, February 28, 2015 |, 8:30 pm

Bitcoin Could Be Your Traveling Companion

At the embark of this month, air traveling payment network UATP announced to integrate Bitcoin payments to its podium after inking a partnership with Bitnet, a payment processing toneelpodium. However, this wasgoed not the very first time that a traveling business acquainted a digital currency spil its payment option..

Gola Yashu |, February 28, 2015 |, 7:32 pm

How the 5G Network Will Affect Bitcoin

The 5G network is aiming to do wonders for the technology field, and many bitcoin enthusiasts are asking, “What does this mean for the blockchain? Will the world of digital currency be affected te any way?” The quick response is “yes.” For one thing, the newest 5G network.

Guest Author |, February 27, 2015 |, 7:52 pm

Darkcoin Price Technical Analysis for 27/Two/2015 – Higher Cling

Darkcoin price rose up earlier today to a high of 0.01232 BTC. This increase te price followed bitcoin’s bullish rally which wij noticed earlier today. Albeit the price rose above 62% Fibonacci retracement level, it dropped again below it an hour or so straks. By examining the 1.

Jayanand Sagar |, February 27, 2015 |, 11:57 am

Dogecoin Price Technical Analysis for 27/Two/2015 – Slingshot Pull

Dogecoin price remained within the 57-60 satoshi range via yesterday on Hitbtc. Last month, wij began to notice that dogecoin price embarked to exhibit independence of bitcoin price, but spil bitcoin price enhanced earlier today, can this throw its shadows on the dogecoin charts? By studying the Four.

Jayanand Sagar |, February 27, 2015 |, 9:37 am

Litecoin Price Technical Analysis for 27/Two/2015 – Destination: North

Litecoin price rallied earlier today to record a high of around $1.89. This bullish wave coincided with today’s rise ter bitcoin price. The price is now about to test the resistance at $1.93 which coincides with the 38% Fibonacci retracement level spil wij showcased on yesterday’s analysis. By.

Jayanand Sagar |, February 27, 2015 |, 7:50 am

Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 27/Two/2015 – To the Moon!

Bitcoin price embarked rising earlier today to record a high of around $262.38 and pauze out of the $256 resistance level. Just like wij anticipated during yesterday’s analysis, bitcoin price has began a fresh bullish trend after completing the “triangle” pattern that managed the market during the past.

Jayanand Sagar |, February 27, 2015 |, 6:04 am

The Lessons the Banking System Has to Learn From Bitcoin

It seems like “bank grade security” doesn’t truly live up to its name. It wasgoed recently reported that the FBI suggested a $3M prize for the suspected masterminds behind the GameOver Zeus botnet, a botnet that stole overheen $100M by acquiring the banking credentials of it’s victims. Another.

Guest Author |, February 26, 2015 |, 11:Ten pm

OKCoin Rings ter the Chinese Fresh Year with a $1.6 Million Giveaway

China’s relationship with bitcoin has earnestly bot on the rocks thesis past few weeks. Inbetween the MyCoin scandal that eyed overheen $8 million ter bitcoins vanish, to the latest cyberattack on BTER that resulted ter overheen 7,100 stolen bitcoins, to the voice of lawmakers calling for a full-on.

Guest Author |, February 26, 2015 |, 11:00 pm


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