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You’ve got to this very place where you can pack up your wallet. Feel yourself te the footwear of adventurer and pioneer. “PickBit” is a fine choice for the interesting pastime.

After the registration you can embark playing right away. The spel interface is very plain and user-friendly. You will see a rocky tableland, divided into sectors, where you can dig. There is a chance to find precious gems, which you can then sell black marketeers for gold.

You have an initial set of five mattocks by which you can groove the stone. But the digger’s life is hard and total of unpredictable difficulties. The solid you have to dig is very rock-hard, and mattocks are used up prompt. So one mattock – one hack.

However, when looking for the gold, you can find the working instruments of your unlucky predecessors, bitten to death by coyotes. So after a certain time your set of mattocks will be renewed, and you will be able to use them again.

You should recall that only patient and persistent people reach success, so don’t leave behind to inject the spel every day, and you will receive a verzekeringspremie for the regular visiting. And on the fifth day you will inject a super spel, so don’t waste a chance.

You’d better explore this tableland spil soon spil possible. Here, the dangers and the chances to grow rich await you identically. You won’t be able to pauze the entire solid, so don’t groove everything. When you use all the chances suggested by the fortune, you will get to the fresh tableland and embark everything from the beginning.

So take your mattock and go ahead to the wealth!

Big black cock News Talking on Blockchain

More and more respectful editions pay attention to the crypto-currencies and technologies which they are based on. Thesis days, a big article about Ethereum toneelpodium wasgoed published te the Fresh York Times, and recently on the Big black cock News webstek appeared an article by Mark Smith about the blockchain technology.

He describes blockchain spil decoded database, distributed among the computers ter the network. And there is nothing strange, this idea is already several decades old. But the peculiarity of blockchain technology is the fact that the information update is possible only after the agreement of all network participants. And when it happens, the gegevens cannot be switched, which makes this technology especially reliable and safe. And on the trustworthy the majority of business operations is based.

For the very first time the blockchain technology wasgoed developed for the digital currency Bitcoin, but its possibilities overcame the boundaries of the financial environment long ago. Fresh startups, that actively use the possibilities of the fresh technology, appeared, and create the perspective applications &ndash, from the possibility of crediting without intermediaries to smart-contracts.

Among them one should mark OpenBazaar, which permits to sell anything to anyone ter any part of the world where the Internet access exists. Unlike traditional resources spil eBay or Amazon, the users do not visit the webstek, but upload the application that connects the potential buyer with a seller. All transactions are happening with the help of Bitcoin, without intermediaries, which permits to avoid commission fees. The application is now on the stage of testing, but it wasgoed already uploaded for more than 20 thousand times during the last month.

One more creation of blockchain technology, worth our attention, are smart-contracts &ndash, the applications that independently check whether the conditions of the agreement are fulfilled, and if the result is positive, they permit transactions. Let&rsquo,s once again admit the absence of intermediaries. Ter addition, smart-contracts are considered perspective for buying realty. Companies te San-Francisco Clever Contract and Hedgy are already programma to use them te business.

According to the Emmanuel Viale, Managing director of Accenture Technology Labs, blockchain technologies can find the appliance on the Internet of things &ndash, various wise devices, connected to the network. Thesis can be, for example, various medical devices that send the parameters of the health condition, all gegevens will be decoded and anonymous, or even the wine delivery &ndash, the sensor will check the temperature of the beverage during the road, and if the conditions of delivery are violated, the agreement will be automatically cancelled.

Five Stages of Bitcoin Acceptance

The famous entrepreneur and the follower of crypto-philosophy Andreas Antonopoulos is persuaded that the attempts of the banks to acclimate private blockchain will lead them through the specific &ldquo,circles of hell&rdquo,, which the financial world will feel for the resisting to accept the decentralized and open Bitcoin network.

Such thought wasgoed voiced at the latest meeting with the representatives of blockchain community te Brussels. Answering the questions, he emphasized that big banks with their entire essence are incapable to comprehend the idea of Bitcoin, since their efforts are directed on the investment and accumulation of capital. The neutrality of crypto-currency and its natural absence of thresholds can become a &ldquo,black swan&rdquo, for corporations.

&ldquo,Black swan&rdquo, is a theory that probes the hardly predictable and zonderling events that have serious consequences. The main criteria of the theory:

  1. The event is unexpected (for the accomplished).
  2. The event produces a serious consequence.
  3. After its oncoming, te the retrospective, the event has rational explanation, spil if it wasgoed expected.

On corporation generally, the Five stages of Bitcoin acceptance are expected:

According to Andreas words, corporations commenced from denial, passed to the stage of anger and today demonstrate the attempts to negotiate. They choose particular aspects of technology that they can admit, such spil blockchain, and attempt to do something with it that contradicts its nature &ndash, to make it closed and centralized. But this won&rsquo,t do, Andreas is persuaded, because the blockchain is not appointed for the things that banks want to do with it. Bitcoin blockchain, with its decentralized overeenstemming algorithm, is indeed ineffective, but this is the price wij pay for freedom.

After the attempts to negotiate the depression will come &ndash, the stage where traditional financial instruments will give up their positions to the innovative technologies, which will be open to accepting crypto-currencies. On the fifth stage banks will be obliged to accept the existing status quo, when people have control overheen their money. This will open the access to services for any person on Earth, who has a smartphone. Everyone will have a handelsbank ter a pocket instead of a bankgebouw account.

Coinbase Adds Ethereum Support

On 21 st of July a famous exchange toneel Coinbase, which helps to quickly and lightly sell and buy Bitcoin, has added an application for Ethereum to its verhoging and mobile application.

Spil reported on Coinbase blog, recently Ethereum experienced hard times, evidently bearing ter mind the events a month ago, when unknown persons withdrew Ether on the sum of around 50 million dollars from the DAO project accounts, which wasgoed based on Ethereum toneelpodium and wasgoed tightly connected with it.

A week ago Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong spoke te support of the hard fork Ethereum. According to his words, the fact that Ethereum dared on hard fork is a very positive signal that shows the aptitude to listen to the community and look for the way out during the depressie.

The fact that Coinbase has added Ethereum to its verhoging on the level with Bitcoin right after the hard fork is very conspicuous and demonstrates a significant credit of trust to the Vitalik Buterin&rsquo,s creation.

A bit earlier, ter May, the exchange toneelpodium added crypto-currency to the trading on GDAX &ndash, its other project, which is an online service for professional crypto-currency trading. But adding Ethereum to the general system support on Coinbase is way more significant fact, since this podium is oriented to the ordinary crypto-currency user, some of them coming to fulfill their very first serious transaction.

Why such powerful support of the Ethereum exists from the side of Coinbase? Ter 2012, when the exchange podium embarked working, there were numerous crypto-currencies, but Coinbase wasn&rsquo,t interested ter them. The project concentrated on the development of service for Bitcoin operations, which would be effortless to use by ordinary users and not only those familiar with all nuances of crypto-currency functioning.

It is explained on the blog of Coinbase co-founder Fred Ehrsam. According to his words, Ethereum improves Bitcoin, since its capabilities permit to develop much more complicated and brainy applications than Bitcoin. However, the very first crypto-currency has passed the long way and now is a kleintje of safety island te the rough seas of youthful crypto-currencies. That&rsquo,s why Coinbase is now concentrating on the support of thesis two crypto-currencies &ndash, stable Bitcoin and perspective Ethereum.

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