CryptoCompare API – The only free cryptocurrency gegevens API for overheen 90 exchanges and 1800 coins(BTC, ETH, XMR 1800 other cryptos)

The best API for getting free cryptocurrency live pricing gegevens, OHLC historical gegevens, volume gegevens, tick gegevens or block explorer gegevens from numerous exchanges and blockchains. Wij have integrated with overheen 90 exchanges, 1800 coins and have overheen 22,000 trading pairs listed. Whether you are looking for live streaming gegevens or historical tick gegevens wij […]

ICO Whitelists Insider: Introducing aXpire – ICO Whitelists

*This is a sponsored postbode spil part of our ICO Whitelists Insider series. *** UPDATE: aXpire raised their hard cap to $20m, and have reached their funding objective. The sale is now closed. *** Cloud-based and AI-enabled blockchain payment processing company aXpire aims to liquidate the human/manual processes from digital spend management te a B2B […]

Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency: You have more reasons to stay away from bitcoins, other cryptocurrencies

Related Recently, Citibank te an email notification to its customers has said that its credit and debit cards cannot be used to purchase cryptocurrencies. Following this, SBI Card has also cautioned customers against risks associated with bitcoin and other crypto-currencies and is te discussions with Visa and Mastercard to waterput a verbod on such transactions […]

Gridseedguide, how to setup Asic gridseed miners and where to get the best price

Featured How To Setup Asic Gridseed Miners &, where to buy them Part 1 Things you need, Gridseed Ten Pack. Check out ebay for Europe and the UK the best priced one i found wasgoed here,hash=item233751eec2 Accessories That you will need: Thesis can also be sourced from ebay and amazon.