CryptoCompare API – The only free cryptocurrency gegevens API for overheen 90 exchanges and 1800 coins(BTC, ETH, XMR 1800 other cryptos)

The best API for getting free cryptocurrency live pricing gegevens, OHLC historical gegevens, volume gegevens, tick gegevens or block explorer gegevens from numerous exchanges and blockchains. Wij have integrated with overheen 90 exchanges, 1800 coins and have overheen 22,000 trading pairs listed. Whether you are looking for live streaming gegevens or historical tick gegevens wij […]

ICO Whitelists Insider: Introducing aXpire – ICO Whitelists

*This is a sponsored postbode spil part of our ICO Whitelists Insider series. *** UPDATE: aXpire raised their hard cap to $20m, and have reached their funding objective. The sale is now closed. *** Cloud-based and AI-enabled blockchain payment processing company aXpire aims to liquidate the human/manual processes from digital spend management te a B2B […]

CoinReport Android Apps Infected with Cryptocoin Malware Mining Code

Infected Cryptocoin Mining Overheen a million Android smartphones have bot infected with Cryptocoin mining software without the instantaneous skill of the possessor. Downloaded apps off of Google Play store calmly install the malware. Researchers at Trend Micro security claimed to have found at least two different apps on the Google Play store which contain the […]

There’s also an auto-exchange feature on MiningPoolHub which will…you guessed it..

Cryptocurrency Informatie on I’m officially moving the cryptocurrency conversation to my fresh webstek, I’ve learned a lotsbestemming te the past few months, but I’m sure not an pro yet. However, I’m witnessing the same questions asked overheen and overheen again on the crypto and mining forums.

How to mine Monero Using Hardware, How to mine Monero pool, How to mine Monero Using Cloud Mining

Monero (XMR) is a decentralized algorithm based cryptocurrency that is mined with CPU/GPU. Invented te April 2014 under the name of BitMonero, the primary concentrate of this cryptocurrency is on decentralization, scalability, and privacy. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, this digital currency is based on CryptoNote protocol.