China Bitcoin Crackdown to Extend to Low-Cost Mining Verbod: Report

China’s Sichuan province is gearing up to extend its bitcoin kerkban to mining operations spil part of its broader crackdown on the cryptocurrency industry. According to local media outlet Tencent Finance, the state-run Sichuan Electrical Power Corporation has distributed a circular ordering grid-connected hydropower stations to zekering supplying low-cost electrical play to bitcoin mining operations.

Kodak bitcoin miner on display at CES 2018, ZDNet

A Kodak Blockchain Project licensee has displayed the Kodak KashMiner during CES 2018, with plans to split the proceeds with customers on mining bitcoin. By Corinne Reichert | January 11, 2018 — 14:17 GMT (06:17 PST) | Topic: Innovation The Kodak KashMiner (Photo: Corinne Reichert/ZDNet) A Kodak-branded bitcoin miner labelled the “KashMiner” has bot displayed […]

Legalitas Bitcoin Di Indonesia – Edukasi Bitcoin

Legalitas Bitcoin Pada situs asli Bitcoin di berkaitan dengan legalitas bitcoin, disebutkan bahwa Bitcoin bukanlah sebuah mata uang yang resmi. Sehingga bisa jadi pada negara tertentu akan bisa memungut pajak atas penjualan, ataupun pajak keuntungan atas modal pada transaksi Bitcoin. Selanjutnya, pengguna Bitcoin bertanggung jawab secara pribadi atas penggunaan Bitcoin ini dengan juga memperhatikan […]

Blockchain without the miners, IOTA unveil their revolutionary fresh cryptocurrency – Fanatical Futurist by Keynote Speaker and Futurist Matthew Griffin

Two WHY THIS MATTERS Te Epistel Mining cryptocurrency is an amazingly contentious, sophisticated, and energy expensive operation, but now a German non-profit has built a cryptocurrency that does away with miners fully, and they’re being backed by the largest names te tech. Bitcoin isn’t the only cryptocurrency on.