CryptoCompare API – The only free cryptocurrency gegevens API for overheen 90 exchanges and 1800 coins(BTC, ETH, XMR 1800 other cryptos)

The best API for getting free cryptocurrency live pricing gegevens, OHLC historical gegevens, volume gegevens, tick gegevens or block explorer gegevens from numerous exchanges and blockchains. Wij have integrated with overheen 90 exchanges, 1800 coins and have overheen 22,000 trading pairs listed. Whether you are looking for live streaming gegevens or historical tick gegevens wij are the one-stop shop for the entire cryptocurrency space.

You can use our gegevens for free under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial Three.0 Unported (CC BY-NC Three.0) license ( ). Please make sure you credit us with a listig if you use our gegevens on your webstek or app. Storage and redistribution of CryptoCompare gegevens is rigorously prohibited without a commercial license agreement ( voeling support for more informatie ). YOUR CLIENTS SHOULD DIRECTLY USE OUR APIS IF POSSIBLE. (THE HEADER Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * is only set on min-api paths)

You can find a more up to date version of the documentation on min-api here.

Most of the requests that are related to pricing gegevens are public at the ogenblik and generally available via GET functions. Please do not manhandle them, a request every Ten sec should be more than enough. There is also a streaming api based on that is public spil well. At the uur the public surplus api and streaming apis are not delayed.

Wij RECOMMEND YOU USE – for all your pricing API needs. Wij have had the API manhandled and I’ve waterput a limit ter place of 6000 requests vanaf hour vanaf IP for the historical paths. You can see the thresholds here: hour thresholds , 2nd boundaries .

Public API invocation

Public APIs are accessible via GET, and the parameters for the request are included te the query string.

Private API invocation


CryptoCompare uses session cookies to permit access to private gegevens. You can obtain the cookie by logging ter.


A session key is only valid for 30 days and it has a sliding window period, so each time you use it, it will get extended by 30 days.

If successful, API requests will terugwedstrijd an HTTP 200 OK code, spil well spil a Response.Type >= 100 any Response.Type less than 100 will mean there wasgoed an error.

Note that the responses to all requests, both public and private, are sent spil the response assets.

This section deals with all the requests for price gegevens, social gegevens and historical gegevens . Most of it is used for dealing with subscription, top list, historical and snapshot gegevens.


This api should never come back an error, maybe a 500 error if there is an punt with cryptocompare

Get general informatie for all the coins available on the webstek.

URL Parameters

Terugwedstrijd gegevens

Request examples


Price success examples

Pricemulti success examples

Pricemultifull success examples

GenerateAvg success examples

Get the latest price for a list of one or more currencies. Truly prompt, 20-60 ms. Cached each Ten seconds.


Get the price of a currency against numerous currencies.


Get a matrix of currency prices.


Get all the current trading informatie (price, vol, open, high, low etc) of any list of cryptocurrencies ter any other currency that you need.If the crypto does not trade directly into the toSymbol requested, BTC will be used for conversion. This API also comebacks Display values for all the fields.If the opposite pair trades wij invert it (eg.: BTC-XMR).


Compute the current trading informatie (price, vol, open, high, low etc) of the requested pair spil a volume weighted average based on the markets requested.

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