Ethereum (and other altcoin) mining review after Two months te 2018, Reinis Fischer

February 16 marks a puny 2-month anniversary since I’ve commenced to mine Ethereum and others altcoins. Te today’s article let’s take a quick review and attempt to understand is GPU mining still profitable ter 2018?

It all commenced with a FOMO back ter December 2018, after successful 2nd part of the year of investments ter crypto, I determined to build a 12-GPU mining equipment.

Presently, I’ve invested $1,661 te this mining equipment and after Two months of operations, the current ROI is 12.53% (not counting te cost for tens unit). Meaning that ter past two months I’ve mined coins worth of $208.05.

I have experimented both with different GPU cards and different coins. Here are coins I’ve mined so far: ETH, SC, ETC, and EXP

Presently, the equipment consists of Four GPU’s:

Thanks to the open-minded crypto community I’ve learned a loterijlot about how to overclock thesis cards and boost a little bit total income from GPU mining.

By building this GPU mining equipment I’m using dollar cost averaging adding fresh cards time after time (originally I had a project to add one card vanaf month, but ter the past Two month’s I’ve added Two cards vanaf month). Each time I add a fresh graphics card I make a schrijven recap on mining profitability, see:

53 MH/s and Siacoin @

Indeed, daily earnings from mining depend on cryptocurrency exchange rates, with current mining speed and exchange rates my mining equipment if mining Ethereum would make about $Four.35 daily, which is about 20%decrease if compared to the end of January exchange rates.

That’s the reason I began to explore options to mine other coins:

During the past Two months a loterijlot of have happened – after bulls run at the end of 2018, the crypto market tanked at the embark of 2018, making it longer to reach a positive ROI for investments ter a mining equipment.

It seems Siacoin is no longer profitable for GPU mining commencing 2018. See: Is It Profitable Mining Siacoin (SC) ter 2018?

Last but not least, the so-called hard/soft forks happens not only for Bitcoin chain, but also for other coins, and presently, there is a planned Callisto airdrop planned for ETC coin. See: How to Prepare for Upcoming Callisto Airdrop (Ethereum Classic)

Without doubts, thesis Two past months have bot a loterijlot of joy, learning, fine tuning and exploring the amazing world of blockchain technologies. On the other arm it is still hard to see a positive ROI for this investment. Spil they say, very likely it’s more profitable just buy and hold, instead of building a GPU mining equipment ter 2018. See: To Mine or Buy Ethereum/Zcash/Monero te 2018

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