Gridseedguide, how to setup Asic gridseed miners and where to get the best price


How To Setup Asic Gridseed Miners &, where to buy them Part 1

Things you need,

Gridseed Ten Pack. Check out ebay for Europe and the UK the best priced one i found wasgoed here,hash=item233751eec2

Accessories That you will need:

Thesis can also be sourced from ebay and amazon. Buy the accessories separately to avoid higher prices.

01 Controller houtvezelplaat for up to 20 devices/alternatively use a netbook, desktop or a raspberry pi more on this zometeen. It is more stable to use a netbook or a raspberry pi instead of a wii controller houtvezelplaat.

02 Power Supplies (Up to Five devices vanaf power supply)

11 Mini USB cables

Ten Device Power Leads (Barrel butt-plug to nude wire)

01 USB Hub

01 USB Hub Power Adapter

Ten port USB Hub. The HUB I received provided 1 Amp or 1000ma vanaf port and Ten amps overall.

Ten x naked wire Two.5mm ID x Five.5mm OD barrel ass-plug to naked wire.

*There should have bot 11. The HUB runs on the same voltage and butt-plug type. Not sure why jack didn’t set it up that way vs the power brick (Fire Hazard)

Two C13 to Your local power butt-plug:

Ten USB A to mini B cables

1 TP Listig / wiibox controller with USB, Power Brick, and instructions

Here’s the gridseed opbergruimte:

Open from the custom-built product end and peak the opbergruimte upside down so the entire thing comes out. Instead of fighting with it like all the youtube unboxings I’ve seen….

High Quality fan soldering:

March 12, 2014

Gridseed power usage guide with match mode and script only mode

Disconnected from controller – Ventilatoren/Leds, PSU, Controller, HUB

SHA only mode. It’s not even worth testing thesis ter SHA only mode so I have excluded it.

Freq 600 Dual Mode

Two.5Mh/s scrypt (Controller)

1.5Mh/s scrypt (scryptguild)

80Gh/s sha (eligius)

Freq 700 Dual Mode

Two.75Mh/s scrypt (Controller)

1.8Mh/s scrypt (scryptguild)

95Gh/s sha (eligius)

Freq 800 Dual Mode

Two.5Mh/s scrypt (Controller)

3Mh/s scrypt (scryptguild)

120Gh/s sha (eligius)

Freq 850 Dual Mode

383Kh/s scrypt (Controller)

383Kh/s scrypt (scryptguild)

70Gh/s sha (eligius)

Not sure where the power went. 900 is even worse so the bulk spot is inbetween 700 and 800 on this set.

Temps were indeed boring ter dual mode. The massive fan on thesis take away the fever very well which is fresh for an ASIC maker. Ambient 74F-78F Max device core 96F outflow air 86-90F.

Scrypt Mode: The power supply will be under 88% efficiency most likely 80-85% if you want device wattage multiply the results by .85Freq 600 Single Mode (Default Clocks)

Two.2Mh/s scrypt (Controller)

Two.2Mh/s scrypt (scryptguild)

Freq 650 Single Mode (Default Clocks)

Two.6Mh/s scrypt (Controller)

Two.6Mh/s scrypt (scryptguild)

Freq 700 Single Mode (Default Clocks)

Two.8Mh/s scrypt (Controller)

Two.8Mh/s scrypt (scryptguild)

Freq 750 Single Mode

Two.9Mh/s scrypt (Controller)

3Mh/s scrypt (scryptguild)

Freq 800 Single Mode

3Mh/s scrypt (Controller)

Two.8Mh/s scrypt (scryptguild)

Freq 850 Single Mode

Trio.2Mh/s scrypt (Controller)

Three.2Mh/s scrypt (scryptguild)

Freq 900 Single Mode

Trio.1Mh/s scrypt (Controller)

Trio.1Mh/s scrypt (scryptguild)

March 12, 2014

How To Setup Asic Gridseed Miners using linux

Grab possibly needed packages:

Install curl and jansso packages:

Build cpuminer from git:

Install the keurig automake version so cgminer builds

Listig the Jansson Libraries to fix:

Verbinding the build directories for convenience:

If all went well you will have the miner installed.

Now DO NOT PLUGIN the USB yet just the power cable:

Butt-plug ter the USB cable to the pc and device:

*You might have /dev/ttyUSBX not ttyACMX

Now run the miner process:

Or using CGMiner Syntax

It shows up you can’t combine devices to one line like this: (worldlybedouin,Powell)

I use dynamic pool files but something like this will work:

to list screens and

to join a screen

How I run the Ten miners to Ten separate pools:

1) Create Ten pool files named to

Two) insert the FREQ NAME and POOL variables into each pool verkeersopstopping

Trio) make the script to execute the miners

After running for this hosting thread I have the following screens:

Part 5A.Two: BTC Mode

To mine to my donation address for this guide:

Breakdown: NEEDS HELP

Execute the Miner:

Enable Gridseed configuration flags

The Serial/USB com speed (Don’t Switch)

The chip frequency te 50 Unit steps from 600 to 900:

The number of chips on the device (Don’t switch for thesis devices)

*Switch if you get a Ten or 25 Mh/s GridSeed opbergruimte

The number of boards/modules/devices vanaf com port (IE 1, don’t switch this)

Communications method used to talk to the device houtvezelplaat (Don’t switch)

*Keurig mij if I’m wrong

A seemingly arbitrary number until someone tells mij what its for

*The doc says 11 I’m sure there is a range

I’d guess this permits devices, modules or chips to be added/liquidated while the miner is running?

Standard pool config

Mining vanaf device vs all devices:

Quick and dirty Bus:Device:

Run one or more devices using cgminers —usb flag

Part 5A.Three: BTC/Dual Mode

Once you turn on BTC mining you have to attache to the LTC proxy ter order to mine te scrypt mode / dual mode. Or unplug the devices and replug them so they vertoning up spil ttyACM# again?

Once you are running one or more devices te SHA mode you can begin Scrypt mining te dual mode with:

Can I run to Ten pools this way? Let’s find out.

MORE TO COME with power readings and speed/clock readings.

Part 5B: WindowsHow to run miners on com ports Ten+ ter windows:use \.\COMXX instead of COMXX on the instruction line for com ports above Ten

If anyone has any corrections or wants fresh screenshots for the windows directions let mij know.

11 –Download the modified CPUminer from here or here. Samenvatting

the archive anywhere you want.

12 –Check the com port. To connect to your miner, you need to know what comport is assigned to your miner. You can do this by pressing the windows key + the R key. So ‘Windows + R’. This should give you a petite window called ‘run’. (Sorry, I am Dutch, so screenshots are te Dutch)

Come in ‘compmgmt.msc’ te the window, and kasstuk the inject key. This should open a fresh window, called ‘computermanagement’.

Now click the petite arrow te vuurlijn of ‘Ports (COM &, LPT)’

Now you can see that te my case it says ‘STMicroelectronics Virtual COM Port (COM7)’. This means that my miner is now assigned to COM port 7. Some people have experienced problems with miners which had COM port numbers above Ten, if you have a number above Ten, go to step 13, otherwise go to step 14.

13 –Switching the COM port number. This step is only necessary if your automatically assigned COM port number is Ten or higher!. Like this:

Ter the devicemanger, right click on the ‘STMicroelectronics Virtual COM port (COMXX)’, which has a COM port number above Ten. Select ‘properties’. This will open a fresh window, go to the ‘portsettings’ tabulator te that window.

Now, click ‘advanced’. This will open another window, te which you can select which COM port to use. Select one that is not ter use, and click ‘ok’ after you are finished.

Also click ‘ok’ ter the properties window. Make sure the COM port now has the number you selected:

If all is juist, you can close the computermanagement window.

14 –Now you know your COM port number. You can setup your miner now! Download this bat verkeersopstopping, and save it ter the folder where you extracted the miner te step 11. Make sure the bat verkeersopstopping is ter the same folder spil the ‘minerd.exe’ program.

15 –Edit the bat opstopping. Right click on the bat verkeersopstopping, and select ‘edit’. This should open this window:

Switch the ‘XXX’ of the COM port to the number you found ter step 12. Make sure to switch the ‘—url=’ to the url of the pool you want to mine at. Also switch the ‘—userpass=’ to the workername and password of your pool (format is workername:password). If you don’t switch this, you will mine for my account, which I don’t mind either of course

16 –Mine away! Just dual click the bat opstopping. It should commence a puny window, and your miner will commence mining. If you have more than one miner, just make a copy of the bat opstopping, switch the COM port number, and begin that one spil well. You need one cpuminer window vanaf miner.

Spil soon spil you commence witnessing ‘yay. ’ you know that your miner is working decently. This version of cpuminer is not able to display the hashrate, so your hashrate will always vertoning ‘0.00 khash/s’, even however it is mining.

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