HashGains ICO Token Sale Is Live Now! ICO Worth Investing

Racing quick towards the customer base of 1 million using the world’s largest upcoming eco-friendly mega cloud gegevens center

Invest early to get a 10% main sale (tier-2) discount and 10-30% verzekeringspremie along with host of other benefits

Be a part of crowd sale and get 10% discount on token price and 1 GH/s hashpower on every Ten tokens bought

HashGains a venture of US based Futuristics Internet Services LLC backed by IT major Cyfuture brings to you once ter a lifetime chance of its crowd sale program where funding would be used for building state of green cloud mining gegevens centers te India and Canada to serve the everzwijn growing blockchain industry. Be the part of crowd sale and get HGS tokens with high growth potential which brings ter many advantages like free hashing power, dividends , discounts on mining plans , convertible tokens and many more features.

Blockchain – Fresh Technology of Trust!

Te the everzwijn evolving digital world, blockchain is a fresh technology which is redefining the way wij transact. From grocery to medical, real estate to internet of things, it has the potential to switch the world.

A digital record which is secure, decentralized and trustable.

Eco-Friendly Cloud Mining

A giant tract of waste barren land can be best used for putting up wind mills and solar panels which run on photovoltaic cells. Using the most effective solar radiation and wind power ter the places which opoffering vast possibilities of renewable energy can bring about the desired results. Cloud mining devices can now make use of green renewable power which is available almost free of cost.

Mega Cloud Mining Gegevens Centres

Who better than an experienced player can build and run the most efficient, cost-effective, sturdy, scalable, secure, and reliable cloud mining gegevens centres? There cannot be a better choice than HashGains which is backed by technology giant with an practice of overheen 15 years ter running and managing gegevens centres. HashGains has a team of 1,500 professionals, serving Ten Fortune 500 customers and managing overheen 25,000 servers globally. HashGains will soon be launching its Cloud Mining Gegevens Centres with a combined capacity of 75 MW te India and Quebec, Canada.

Be a Hash Gainer!

There cannot be a better time than now to invest te cryptocurrencies which have grown 15-20 times te 2018 and are expected to perform even better te years to come. There is no better player than HashGains.com which provides the most secure and cost-effective cloud mining toneelpodium to invest and earn cryptocurrencies.

HashGains spil a Project

Ten,000 users and target of 1 Million by 2020

HashGains has already garnered Ten,000 plus customers on its verhoging and is looking forward to laying the foundation stone of its mega gegevens centres te Rajasthan (India) and (Quebec) Canada.

The green cloud mining framework has its own advantages, such spil

  • Diminished complexity
  • Lowered infrastructural costs
  • Local incentives
  • Economic cooling services
  • A clean and green business

HashGains ICO Whitepaper

The world economy will soon witness the fruition of yet another visionary fantasy once HashGains lays the foundational stones of its green energy infrastructure. The future looks promising spil HashGains plans to go green all the way- from building massive cloud mining gegevens centres ter India and Canada to establishing itself spil one of the Ten pool players te the world. Each fresh dawn comes with a sense of renewed purpose- spil more and more people become a part of this unique project, HashGains takes a step closer to realizing its desire of becoming one of the leading cloud service providers. HashGains will not only provide cloud mining services to miners across the globe but also plans to be a cloud provider for numerous blockchain applications.

Why invest te HashGains (HGS)?

  • Real business

While most of the ICO’s are betting on some idea which would become multimillion dollar business someday whereas HashGains is already functional venture generating profits having active customer base of overheen Ten,000 customers and company claims they are targeting 1 Million customers by 2020. Question arises – Is such voorkeur viable? Wij would say Yes, spil there are 1-2 other mining companies who have more than million customers and if HashGains produces up to client’s expectation they can lightly achieve the targets.

“Without execution, vision is just another word for hallucination” ——– Mark Hurd (CEO, Oracle)

Well spil rightly said ideas and vision are just hallucination until you can execute and implement it. HashGains is backed by leading tech company Cyfuture which has so many examples of successful project execution. With the practice of 15 years, team strength of 1500 people, running Two mega cloud gegevens centers and managing thousands of customers including world’s largest top Ten of Fortune 500 companies wij see no challenge te executing more mining gegevens centers and manage customer base effectively.

The only way you can generate bitcoin and other block chain based currencies is by the way of mining. With HashGains tokens you get free mining power which can help you generate Bitcoin/Bitcoin Contant which are world’s most sought after currencies. The mouth-watering suggest of HashGains is free hashing power of 1 GH/s for every Ten tokens you buy. HashGains which is aiming at 1 Million customers wants every crowdsale investor taste how mining can be rewarding along with tokens.

Conservative projections suggest HashGains would be generating vanaf token revenue of $1.Five, $Two, $Trio.Five and $Four ter very first, 2nd, third and fourth year respectively. Consolidated profit generated vanaf token would be around $Three within duration of Four years which company plans to distribute spil dividend to all token holders. (Above estimates are drawn on voet of prices of cryptocurrencies te Jan 2018) While the past track record of company shows it has always surpassed its growth estimates number of times but even conservative estimates are yielding good comebacks. Moreover, on the onderstel of how industry is valued if company is able to achieve above targets token may surpass value of US$30 vanaf token te period of Four years.

HashGains is committing HGS token convertibility for any of mining plans listed at HashGains.com at the same price at which each token is purchased during crowdsale program to any token holders for the period of 90 days from the listing date of ICO. This is another superb thing nobody has everzwijn suggested and gives each token holder value and protection of money from initial risks if there are any.

World is already talking about pollution and environment harm bitcoin mining is causing with such a massive power utilization. Only solution to this problem is ‘Going Green’. HashGains is building mega wind and solar powered gegevens center which is buzzword and need of an hour. With World’s greatest investors predicting Bitcoin will touch million dollars and there is absolutely no option to create bitcoin but to mine them. Therefore, there is absolutely no reason why bitcoin and other cryptocurrency mining business would not grow. The heart of block chain based cryptocurrencies lies te mining with each transaction on block chain is validated by some miner and hence gigantic mining capacities are needed to support everzwijn growing industry.

Token holders investing ter to buy mining power would get spectacular discounts till the time they are holding any such tokens bought during crowd sale . Mining power can help you generate precious crypto currencies and more mining power means more coins. Discounts up to 30% ter HashGains mining project prices would be suggested for tokens holders holding above 30,000 tokens. So anyone holding Ten,000 , 20,000 and 30,000 and above tokens would get 10% , 20% and 30% discount respectively. Investment te HashGains is very rewarding.

Last but not the least, a 20% discount on HGS token price is available for investments during the Main Sale Tier-1. Thus, you can purchase 1 token at $0.80 along with a entire host of features and benefits which are incomparable and never thought of.

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