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Tuesday, Five September 2018

/ How To Lightly Earn 0.Five Bitcoin Te Two Hours Using Blockchain Miner Voor

Updated: Please wij encourage all readers and visitors to zekering using this App. After lots of test and experiments, wij found out that the App is a scam and only steals bitcoin from its users. The App wasgoed uploaded by DevTech te YouTube. Please disregard any informatie about this App. This article can’t be liquidated from our blog spil it will turn error te our Google search console. So please read this update and overlook this article.


Two. Open the Application and register. Registration is effortless, just provide the needed information.

Three. Loom ter using the username you registered and password

Four. Go to wallet tabulator and input your bitcoin wallet address. this is very significant because your mined bitcoin will be sent to this address.

Five. Go to mining tabulator and select the setting you wish to use for mining the bitcoins. See picture below of how to manage setting below

Now you can click on commence and see spil you embark to mine bitcoins. Note that the number of bitcoins you can mine depends on the processing speed of your PC. After mining for 0.01 bitcoin, you can determine to withdraw your bitcoin to your wallet.

Click on Zekering, then select withdraw and go after the onscreen instruction. You will be required to send a mining toverfee of about 0.008 bitcoin to a wallet address. Send this bitcoin and wait for instant confirmation and your bitcoin will be sent to your wallet instantaneously.

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is this fake? i think it is. why is fees 0.008

Please read the disclaimer ter the postbode and for further explanation on Blockchain Miner voor Visit the YouTube listig above

how to pay mining toverfee?


pls inbox mij at [email protected]

how did you withdraw the mined bitcoin.

fake hai bro SCAM

bro ! how did you paid the mined fees?

please let mij know spil soon spil possible>,>,>,>,

mail mij at [email protected]

sent mij to software, that is work. my email : [email protected]


please send mij 0.01 para pagar los fees den transsacion

Hey guys please give mij the this software Please my email id [email protected]

bhai download hi toh nahi ho raha ye

How did you pay for the toverfee? I dont have any BTC, can you sent mij some BTC to pay for the toverfee?

please send mij 0.01 para pagar los fees den transsacion

please send mij for pay mining fees 0.01 btc and I will pay this i promise Help Mij

my name is James and i use this software once to withdraw. its ter my wallet spil wij speak but i can not withdraw no more. please help mij

Jajaja que falso te escribes tu mismo que subiste el movie a you tube

so who truly wants to proof to mij that this miner works. i need a proof

Hi there, I downloaded this software and mined 1 BTC. But before withdrawal and paying there fees, just to check its not fake I switched of my internet connection while the software wasgoed still mining. To mij it should have stopped or some popup should have come telling ",No Internet Connection",. But the mining never stopped and it kept on enlargening the numbers. Now I truly have doubts and anger of wasting my time

thank you so much! If I`m not reading your message I would waste another 40mins of shit

please has anyone withdrawed from this miner? sincerity please.

hoi admin! I want to ask!

I do not have any balance te my bitcoin wallet and I do mining te blockchain miner voor and get some bitcoin. Can the bitcoin be transferred to my wallet then you get the toverfee?

Wij can`t say but the verbinding below is a movie tutorial about how to use the App uploaded by DevTech ter YouTube.

I can`t withdraw BTC Balance to my walled, help mij please.

It`s 100% fake. I used it and lost BTC.

",who are there te the world can give you something toegevoegd", minner always suck your fees and never withdwrable, even confirmation is 6+ (Like X Bitcoin Generator- Bullshit . ) sucked .0007 BTC

Dear friends.. This app is fake. It generates btc without internet also so it is fake. Dont liberate ur money.

I am working with a company Omnia-Genesis. Those who knows BTC knows aboit Genesis. It is the world renowned company te BTC mining. It takes one time registration of $49 and extra package of $100, 500, 1000 etc for mining. The mining is lifetime free. If you chooose 500 package u will recover your amount ter Three months only and for tge lifetime you will be getting btc ter points ter your wallet directly. No fake, no loss.

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