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The acronym ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) denotes a kleintje of integrated circuits (IC), customized for a particular kleintje of operations unlike a normal CPU that is intended for more general purposes.

Te addition to having a high cost, this kleintje of hardware also has a broad range of applications: network devices, movie cards, video-audio transmissions and cryptocurrencies mining, which ter this article will be described specifically.


The history of ASIC machines dates back to the 80s with machines such spil ZX Spectrum with integrated circuits known spil gate arrays or also known spil ULA (Uncommitted Logic Arrays) also intended for specific applications.

With the evolution of time, ASICs have assumed more and more specific features with the metal interconnection mask variation. Zometeen versions became more generalized, with different basic molds customized by layers of metal and polysilicon. Some basic arrays also included RAM elements.


Spil previously mentioned, ASIC machines have various applications,

Movie cards: Ter thesis devices there are integrated circuits very close to ASIC chips te terms of architecture but programmable via software, better known spil FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array).

Network devices: Major brands te the telecommunications sector, spil Juniper Network and Cisco, have developed their own proprietary ASIC processors for some devices. — Te particular, with Cisco there is Switch Catalyst 1200, since 1992 a milestone ter modern network technologies spil it is used for the development of many backbone networks and able to reach 100Mbps via FDDI.


Overheen the years, cryptocurrency mining has also evolved and then, the hardware, which has pursued the mainstream adoption of digital currencies, has got its evolution too.

At the beginning, this type of integrated circuits wasgoed massively used by the early pioneers and early Bitcoin miners, when the competition made itself felt among the very first users of digital currency. The very first dedicated productions date back to 2011/2012, companies such spil Butterfly Labs, ZTEX and other smaller companies placed themselves spil leaders te the mining sector.

Butterfly Labs wasgoed one of the very first companies to reach 25 GH/s ter terms of power, with multiple-cards based on FPGA processors and a cooling system that could reach up to Legal ventilatoren able to generate a noise equal to the levels of a pneumatic hammer.

This wasgoed a technological jewel until they were quickly substituted by ASICs, which proved to be much more efficient instantaneously.

Similar to the technology previously mentioned, ASICs quickly substituted the GPU-based machines and it wasgoed Butterfly Labs that announced ASIC miner at 60 GH/s and Four.Five GH/s without attempting to annihilate the previous FGPA-based market. — Te order to preserve this market, Butterfly Labs turned out to be a total fraud and they found soon themselves facing the court of justice.

Nowadays, the major manufacturers of this dedicated hardware are Bitfury and Bitmain. — Albeit this gold rush is spurring the competition thus providing rise to many businesses and fresh developments for the future of mining.


FPGAs wasgoed not dedicated so it “aimed” at software developers.

Te the other mitt, ASICs, aims at the final consumer spil the crypto business had now created a fresh trade with a consequent market adjustment.

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