Review, Freebitco Bitcoin Spel Ratings

freebitco.te is not your typical bitcoin betting webpagina. This BTC gambling webpagina offers up to 200 USD worth of free bitcoins along with free weekly lottery and high referral commissions.

Freebitco.ter Ratings

Trust – 94%
Quality – 96%
Promotions – 50%
Games Diversity – 50%
Support – 89%


At the time wij did this freebitco.ter review, the webpagina posted that it had more than Two.6 million registered users, more than 26.67 billion games have bot played on it, and almost 50,000 bitcoins have already bot won by the site’s players. We’re not indeed sure what to make of thesis claims. The number of games ter particular, at more than 26.67 billion, is somewhat ludicrous. Freebitcoin began te 2013 so this number of games does not seem very plausible even if the claimed Two.6 million registered users is true.

Of course, we’re not belittling this BTC gambling webpagina. Wij just have some reservations ter believing the numbers being pitched on the homepage, especially because they don’t emerge to be consistent. Wij attempted loading the webpagina te another pc te a different location and wij found that the numbers shown are no longer the same. Still, wij are objectively scrutinizing Freebitco here, with the objective of finding out whether or not this webpagina is indeed something you should be signing up with.

Account Registration

Getting a freebitco.te account shouldn’t take more than 15 seconds. All that needs to be done is to pack out a brief online account creation form that only asks for an email address, password, and bitcoin address. Yes, you need to have your bitcoin address ready before signing up for an account.

If you don’t have a bitcoin wallet address yet, you can’t just waterput te a fake address because the system detects it. However, you can use a makeshift real bitcoin wallet address and just edit it straks on to reflect your real bitcoin wallet.

Freebitco.ter Account Instrumentenbord

Wij are not fond of the cluttered look of the Freebitco account instrumentenbord. It has several ad spaces. There’s one tall big banner on the right side, two banners near the bottom part, and ads disguised spil article linksaf at the bottom. They certainly don’t look good, especially those with the animations

The instrumentenbord enables the editing of the bitcoin address and password. The email address, however, is no longer modifiable. You may only switch your email address if the address is invalid or if the emails sent by FreeBitoin to it are bouncing back. When it comes to making deposits and withdrawals, the process is pretty much the same spil what is being done with other bitcoin betting sites.

The Games on Freebitco.te

There are two main games suggested on FreeBitcoin: Multiply BTC and Lottery. There are actually three games here, the third one being the Free Play or Free BTC spel, but for this Freebitco.ter review, wij think it would be more suitable to consider the Free Play spil the bitcoin faucet since playing it does not truly have the feel of playing an actual bitcoin betting spel. It’s more like taking your chance to get free bitcoins that you can use straks on ter the major games. The idea here is that you can play the hourly Free BTC to win up to 200 USD worth of bitcoins so you can have bitcoins to use te the two main games.

Despite the “hi-lo game” description, the mechanics of this spel are actually comparable to the dice spel except that you can’t directly determine the number(s) that will serve spil the onderstel if your bet wins or loses. The voet number is a set of two numbers that switch depending on the payout amount you set. By default, the payout is set at Two.00, which means that you will win if you Bet Hi and the result is higher than 5250 or you Bet Lo and the result is lower than 4750. You can switch the payout value to any number inbetween 1.01 and 4750. If you set the payout to the maximum of 4750, you will only win if you Bet Hi and the result is higher than 9998 or you Bet Lo and the result is lower than Two.

There’s nothing complicated te this spel. If you have had practice ter other online gokhal games, it should be effortless figuring out how this spel works. You just have to come in two numbers: your Bet Amount and the Payout or Win Chance. Once you come in thesis two numbers, the Win Profit, the spel onderstel numbers, and the Payout/Win Chance (depending on which one you determined to set) are automatically adjusted.

Each toegangsbewijs te the lottery spel costs 0.00000013 BTC. You also automatically get Two lottery tickets for every Free BTC roll you play.

Freebitco.ter Spel Software and Fairness

FreeBitco shows up to be using its own proprietary software. The Free BTC Spel and Multiply BTC spel (hi-lo) are provably fair. To get the server hash, client seed, and nonce for the next roll, you just have to click on the Provably Fair linksom on the games. They are conspicuous enough so you shouldn’t have difficulties finding them. There’s a verbinding to a verification device (outward) introduced along with the server hash, client seed, and nonce.

The Lottery spel on Freebitco.ter is not provably fair.

Mobile-Friendly Webpagina

Freebitcoin has a mobile-friendly version of its webstek. Like a typical bitcoin mobile gokhal, the webpagina automatically adapts to the size of the screen of the device used to access it. The signup pagina is the concentrate of the homepage of the mobile version, suggesting that you indeed need to sign up to be able to play.

Freebitcoin does not have a dedicated mobile app for playing the games on smartphones and tablets. However, wij have to say te this Freebitco.ter review that the mobile-friendly webpagina is enough to provide a good mobile gaming practice.

Currencies, Deposits, Withdrawals, and Fees

Freebitco.te only uses bitcoins but the prizes mentioned on the webpagina are stated ter either USD ($) or BTC.

Making deposits on this webpagina is similar to how it is done with most other bitcoin betting sites. Deposits are from wallet to wallet. The Deposit/Withdrawal interface is under the Profile pagina. Deposits are credited after 1 confirmation.

With the deposits, FreeBitco has a slightly different setup, albeit still under a wallet-to-wallet scheme. You can withdraw by hand, you can have Wagen Withdraw enabled, or you can use the Instant Withdraw option.

  • Manual withdrawals usually take around 6 hours to be finished. There is a ondergrens withdrawal limit of 0.00010400 BTC. A toverfee of 0.00000400 BTC will then be charged spil a deduction from the amount you withdraw.
  • The Wagen Withdraw feature sends your account balance automatically to your bitcoin wallet on Sundays. You will receive an email regarding the automatic withdrawal every time a transfer has bot successfully ended. With Wagen Withdraw, you may have to wait longer before you can get your bitcoins but you can love the advantage of not having to pay for the transaction toverfee. FreBitcoin shoulders the transaction toverfee when you choose Wagen Withdraw.
  • Intant Withdraw, on the other mitt, has a slightly higher ondergrens withdrawal limit (compared to manual) at 0.00041000 BTC. However, you can get your bitcoins quicker since the transaction is supposed to take only 15 minutes. If you choose this withdrawal option, you will also have to pay a higher transaction toverfee of 0.00031000 BTC.

Bonuses, Promotions, Bitcoin Faucet, and Affiliate Program

Freebitco.ter, unluckily, does not suggest bonuses and promotions. It does not have a sign up toeslag, very first deposit premie, or a reload toeslag opoffering. What it offers ter lieu of thesis bonuses is a free bitcoin faucet ter the guise of a Free BTC spel.

The bitcoin faucet can be accessed by going to the that Free BTC spel pagina. It is a button under the Free BTC payout table or should wij say it is actually what the Free BTC spel is all about. The Free BTC spel permits you to win real bitcoins that can be used to play te the Multiply BTC and Lottery games. This spel offers from 0.00000246 BTC to 0.334485137 BTC (the amounts stated at the time wij were doing this Freebitco.ter review). Every roll ter this free spel also grants Two free tickets for the Lottery spel.

Country Limitations, Anonymity, and Webpagina Languages

IP filtering is evidently something not being done by Freebitco.te. There is also no list of restricted countries introduced on the webpagina. It can be accessed by players ter the United States. Spil such, wij are inclined to write te this FreeBitcoin review that this webpagina is like a US-accepted bitcoin gokhal. It can also be considered a free bitcoin gokhal, obviously, because of its Free BTC spel and bitcoin faucet.

The webpagina is only available te the English language.

Freebitco.ter Player Support

It took us some time before wij found the way to voeling FreeBitco for support, inquiries, or technical assistance. There is no voeling button or email address on the webpagina. What the webpagina has is just an online voeling form (via email) and it is located deep under the FAQ pagina. After clicking on the FAQ verbinding, you still have to scroll below to see the “How can I voeling you” question, which presents the voeling form for the webpagina.

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