There’s also an auto-exchange feature on MiningPoolHub which will…you guessed it..

Cryptocurrency Informatie on

I’m officially moving the cryptocurrency conversation to my fresh webstek, I’ve learned a lotsbestemming te the past few months, but I’m sure not an pro yet. However, I’m witnessing the same questions asked overheen and overheen again on the crypto and mining forums. I’m commencing MinerWarz to catalog the answers to all of those questions.

I’ll leave the existing posts here on BusinessHut, but future questions should be directed to See you there.

My Very first GPU Mining Equipment

My very first GPU mining equipment has bot running sleekly (well, almost slickly) for about Four days. Spil there are so many questions about mining, I’m just going to postbode my entire venture below. If you have any questions, leave a comment and I’ll do my best.

1. How did I get into all of this?

I only bought my very first $100 worth of Bitcoin te August, 2018. Then, $100 ter Litecoin….then Ethereum… The prices kept going up so I kept buying a little more here and there. Eventually, I found Hashflare which is a cloud mining service. They basically have a warehouse total of Bitcoin mining equipment and they sell contracts to mine for yourself. For example, 1 Terahash of mining power costs about $220 and will make around $Two.00 vanaf day. Learn about Hashflare here. Then, I learned that you didn’t need special equipment to mine altcoins. (altcoins are all the other non-bitcoin cryptocurrencies. aka alternate coins) You can actually mine thesis coins with any gepast graphics card te a pc. I then joined a few Facebook groups related to GPU Mining and absorbed spil much spil possible. (GPU = Graphical Processing Unit (aka a graphics card)

Two. Where to commence with GPU mining?

If you ask anyone on a GPU mining Facebook group about what coins to mine, the very first response is almost always to check out the webstek. This is a superb webpagina that lets you select your desired graphics card(s), input a few parameters, and it’ll tell you what is most profitable to mine. I went through each one to see how much each would make vanaf day. Then, I searched for the best prices for each card. Sprinkle te a little math and I had a list of cards by profitability and time to pauze even. (The prices vary so insanely, that rather than postbode a list, I think you’ll need to do your own legwork on this one.)

Trio. So how do you build a GPU mining equipment?

I expected this to be more complicated, but honestly you can embark today if your huis pc has any of the graphics cards listed on the WhatToMine webstek. Spil you get more into it, you’ll want to add numerous GPU’s to your PC. Many newer motherboards can gezond Two GPU’s with no major alterations. Above that, and wij have to introduce risers. But let’s not go there yet. Let’s assume you’re going to get embarked just like mij.

Four. The hardware onvriendelijk:

I bought a fresh motherboard, power supply (PSU), SSD hard drive, 8GB of DDR4 RAM and Two GPU’s for about $1,500. I intended to use an old Xeon server case for this, but the graphics cards were so big that they didn’t gezond. This led mij to do what most miners do, and build an open air equipment. This basically means to connect everything out ter the open and tie it down spil much spil possible. Here’s my shopping list if you’d like to go after ter my footsteps.

– Motherboard: $120 – MSI Professional Series Intel Z270 DDR4 HDMI USB Three SLI ATX Motherboard (Z270 SLI PLUS)

– Power Supply: $100 – EVGA SuperNOVA 750 G2, 80+ GOLD 750W

– Processor: $46 – Intel BX80677G3930 7th Gen Celeron Desktop Processors

– Hard Drive: $50 – Kingston Digital, Inc. 120GB A400 SATA Trio Two.Five Solid State Drive SA400S37/120G Two.Five″, SA400S37/120G

– Graphics Cards (GPUs): $1,040 – 2X – MSI Gaming GeForce GTX 1080 8GB GDDR5X SLI DirectX 12 VR Ready Graphics Card (GTX 1080 AERO 8G OC)

– RAM: $100 – Corsair 8GB DDR4

After tax and whatnot, it all came to about $1,500.

Spil far spil “building a equipment frame” I just used some scrap plywood and screwed everything to that. Both GPU’s gezond directly onto the motherboard, so there’s no need for risers or extra supports/mounts. The PSU sits on one side of the houtvezelplaat, and the motherboard with GPU’s on the other.

Five. What software to use for mining?

I bought this stuff with almost no idea how I’d actually go about mining. I knew I didn’t want to pay for Windows so I went with a specific Linux distribution for mining called SimpleMining. You just download the photo for the SimpleMining OS (SMOS spil some call it) and write the photo to a USB or SSD drive. Ass-plug that drive into your mining rekentuig, boot up and you’re mining. Well, almost… You need to switch one line ter the config opstopping so it uses your SimpleMining login email. This is how the OS communicates with the SimpleMining.nipt webstek, and that’s where you manage your equipment. If you can’t edit the config directly on the USB, you’ll need to boot up your mining equipment and use PuTTY to access the configfile. I thought that wasgoed all there wasgoed to it, but no, evidently you also need to join a miningpool…

6. What is a mining pool?

While SMOS is a good way to control your equipment, you still need to pool your resources with other miners. Pooling resources evens out the payout. Rather than wait a month to mine a block, your resources are pooled with others. When a block is mined, everyone shares ter the prizes. The pool I’m using right now is called MiningPoolHub. They take out a 0.9% toverfee from my mining which is the industry vaandel. Once you sign up for an account at MiningPoolHub then you can commence mining… well…almost…

7. Now you need to choose what you want to mine and get the adequate wallet.

Search for the most official wallet for the cryptocurrency you determine to mine. Make sure you own both the public and private keys. Without the private key, you don’t truly own your wallet. There’s also an auto-exchange feature on MiningPoolHub which will…you guessed it.. automatically exchange whatever you mine into the coin of your choice. So, let’s assume you’re on MiningPoolHub and you have a wallet set up.

8. Config SimpleMining.netwerken to work with MiningPoolHub

Let’s go back to SimpleMining.televisiekanaal and insert our mining pool informatie.

Under your equipment groups, you’ll choose the mining software depending on your GPU brand (NVIDIA vs AMD) and you’ll inject a string spil shown below.

–server –user myusername.myrig–pass x –port 20594

This will mine the equihash algorithm on miningpoolhub. “myusername” would be substituted with yours and “myrig” can be anything you want. Once you activate mining on SimpleMining, MiningPoolHub will identify your miner with whatever name you provide here. The password is usually just left spil an “x”. And that’s all you should need to switch. It’s scary to think that you missed something, but indeed the worst thing would be that you accidentally mine to someone else’s account until you figure out what’s wrong.

I hope that wasgoed a gepast overview. If you’d like a deeper dive into anything, please leave mij a comment.

Cryptocurrency Historical Prices

For anyone attempting to analyze the prices of cryptocurrencies or altcoins, it’s bot a fight to find reliable price gegevens. Until now… I recently noticed that yahoo finance now has cryptocurrencies listed with the surplus of the stock prices. Just go to and you can quickly check the price of your beloved crypto. If looking for Bitcoin Specie, make sure to include your currency. BCH will showcase you Banco den Chile prices. BCH-USD is Bitcoin Metselspecie to US Dollars, and BCH-BTC is Bitcoin Specie te Bitcoin. This will bring up a price chart and news stories for your currencies.

To download the historical Bitcoin Specie prices spil a CSV opstopping, click the Historical Gegevens tabulator and click Download Gegevens. I believe the time period defaults to one year, but you can switch thesis settings spil you’d like. If gegevens is all you’re looking for, you’re all set.

Cloud Mining with HashFlare

I recently commenced cloud mining with Hashflare to help diversify my crypto investments. I’m working on a postbode about diversification, but I think it’s significant for anyone getting embarked with cryptocurrencies to spread their money out. With the newfound popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptos, there are lots of scams out there. Everyone is attempting to make a buck from our ignorance. Never waterput all of your money on any one webpagina or into any one cryptocurrency. There are just too many horror stories of exchanges or other crypto services disappearing or outright skipping town with their customers’ money.

Anyway, I’m researching all of the various ways to make money with cryptocurrencies and cloud mining is just one of them. Wij will certainly investigate the differences, but for now I’m just going to display what I’m doing on Hashflare.

When I very first began, I spent $150 for 1 TH (TeraHash) of SHA-256 mining power. (SHA-256 is how you mine Bitcoin and a hash is a measurement of processing power.) This amount will make you about $Two vanaf day. At about $60 vanaf month, you’ll have your money back te less than Three months. HashFlare recently limited their contracts from “lifetime” to 1 year which indeed upset their existing customers. They are justifiably upset, but I understand the business decision. The equipment and very likely even this entire industry has a finite lifespan. To think you could buy a lifetime contract for this stuff is just a bit naive. So, you make your money back te Three months and have 9 months of profit. On a $150 investment, you end the year with $730. After accounting for your $150 investment, you profit $580. That might not sound like the Ten,000% increase you were thinking, but it’s more than you’ll make te just about any traditional investment.

Once I got the bug, I kept putting more money into the account. (Mostly from prior Bitcoin/crypto profits.) So, now I’m up to 6TH for $900. Sounds like a lotsbestemming, but I’m presently making $16 vanaf day. Honestly, $16 vanaf day doesn’t sound like much, but that’s $480 vanaf month. Ter 60 days I will more than have paid for my investment. Te the remaining Ten months, I’ll profit about $Four,800. At those profit levels, I just can’t make the case to not invest more money here.

My actual instrumentenbord is below. The hashrate has updated to 6.09TH based on my latest purchase today, but the revenue estimate hasn’t yet updated.

My only warning would be that there is almost no transparency on this webpagina. Many people swear by HashFlare and note that they’ve bot around for several years. I say…yeah, Bernie Madoff wasgoed around for several years spil well. Spil I warned above, never waterput all of your eggs ter one basket. Some of thesis sites are so sketchy that I would almost assume my money is gone spil soon spil I invest. The only thing stopping mij is the incredible upside. My recommendation is to get te at an amount you’d be comfy losing and withdraw spil soon spil your balance meets the ondergrens requirements.

So, if you like making Three to Five times your money ter a year, give Hashflare a attempt. And if you would like to support mij and this webpagina, please use the linksaf on this pagina. If you sign up through them, I’ll get a puny referral toeslag. Always appreciated.

Stay tuned for a revisit when wij talk about the reinvestment option where you can compound your daily earnings. That’s where this math gets indeed crazy.

** Update Jan, Trio 2018 **

With the price of Bitcoin ripping off and the difficulty enhancing, my earnings outlook wasn’t looking spil good for the next year. However, the market recovered and my earnings are back up to par. Not fairly spil good spil they were but still a respectable terugwedstrijd on a sub-$1,000 investment. *Note that prices have gone up from $150/TH to $220/TH. So this would now cost about $1,430. Still profitable tho’.

Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization – Dec 15, 2018

To give an idea of the current cryptocurrency market, take a look at the chart below. Bitcoin accounts for 56% of a $537 Billion Dollar market. This list switches frequently, but thesis top Ten have made it here for a reason. Thesis are the coins people are consistently talking about. If you’re looking to make an investment ter the cryptocurrency market, thesis are the coins you want to research very first. If you’re just getting commenced, check out our intro to Bitcoin article.

All stats are spil of 12/15/2018.

1. Bitcoin – Market Cap: $298 Billion – Price: $17,825

Two. Ethereum – Market Cap: $66 Billion – Price: $688

Four. Bitcoin Specie – Market Cap: $30 Billion – Price: $1,767

Five. Litecoin – Market Cap: $16.Five Billion – Price: $305

Ten. Bitcoin Gold – Market Cap: $Five Billion – Price: $295

Thesis top Ten coins have a combined market cap of $474 Billion, accounting for 88% of the total market.

There are almost 1,350 more altcoins te the cryptocurrency market of varying usefulness and reliability. 15 have a market cap overheen $1 Billion. A good webpagina for tracking the top crypto coins is

Getting Embarked with Bitcoin

*I use and recommend every service listed below. Thesis linksom are my affiliate or playmate linksom which sometimes result ter mij getting a petite premie if you sign up through them. If you determine to sign up for any of thesis services, please use thesis linksom to help support my habit webpagina.

The easiest and most user friendly way to buy Bitcoin right now is by using Coinbase. You add a credit card and/or bankgebouw account and you can almost instantly begin buying Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Two. What is Ethereum and Litecoin?

Thesis are the other two “cryptocurrencies” or “altcoins” you can buy on Coinbase. Bitcoin is the most widely known cryptocurrency, but Ethereum and Litecoin are close stoepiers up. There are literally thousands of other cryptocurrencies. Spil you learn more, you’ll want to get into trading thesis other coins and eventually look at ICO’s (Initial Coin Suggesting).

Three. How do I trade altcoins / other cryptocurrencies?

To trade the other altcoins, you need to use an exchange. I presently use Bittrex. You transfer from your Coinbase account to your Bitcoin wallet and purchase other coins with that Bitcoin balance. Every coin is denominated ter Bitcoin which gets a bit confusing. If you want to dabble ter the other coins, this is the way to do it. I recommend to diversify your purchases.

Presently, mining Bitcoin pretty much requires an Antminer S9 which costs $Three,000 to $Five,000 and is presently out of stock. An alternate way of mining is called cloud mining. I use a service called for mining Bitcoin. Kicking off with about $150, you can buy 1 Terahash (TH) of mining power. I’ll write a much longer postbode about this, but 1 TH will terugwedstrijd about $Two to $Two.50 of Bitcoin every day. At that rate, you’ll recoup your initial investment within 2-3 months and the surplus is profit. At the end of a year, they say I should expect to make about $750. On a $150 investment, I’d call that a pretty good terugwedstrijd.

Anyone interested te going te on a physical miner, leave mij a note.

Please add questions to the comments below. I’ll attempt to reaction them all and will expand the more confusing topics into their own postbode.

If you found this useful feel free to throw mij a few coins to the linksaf below:

Spoofed Google Voice Message

I received a call today from phone number 571-279-8054 claiming to be Google. The beginning of the message wasgoed cut off, but stated, “To verify your listings press 1 or press 9 to be eliminated from the list. Again, press 1 to validate your Google listing.”

They very first called on March 4th, 2015 and just now on March 19th, 2015. I suspect it’s a scam/phishing/marketing ploy, but maybe someone from Google can chime ter?

For the record, I recommend not responding to the message ter any way. Best case, they confirm that you are a human and are likely a sucker for their tricks. Worst case, you get charged some enormous toverfee for special phone usage. (like when people had missed calls from the Bahamas.)

Just spreading the word. Good luck.

Ter addition to the number above (571-279-8054) I just received another call from a local number (412-347-3486) stating that they were Google and I needed to press 1 to update my listing or Two to be liquidated from the list. If this phone call truly wasgoed from Google, I’d expect to see an associated email or other notification. Google is normally very good about thesis things, so I’d be astonished to find out this is anything other than a scam.

With a lil’ bit of internet research, I’ve discovered that Google has a scam reporting pagina te place. Whether you’re receiving fake telemarketing calls like those above, or even text messages, you can learn more and report the kwestie at the verbinding below. They also mention that Google does not make robocalls. So, any automated call or message claiming to be from Google is likely a scam.

How to Install Windows PowerShell

If you want to know how to install Windows Powershell, this is the article you vereiste read. You can run instructions or scripts on your server using this software. Windows Powershell has bot added to Windows Server 2003 but it is included ter Windows Server 2008 R2 spil well. System administrators and IT professionals will be able to automate many tasks using Windows Powershell te their servers. Scripting will be enhanced spil well. Ter Internet there are a loterijlot of places to download this software.

If you are looking for detailed instructions to help you install windows powershell for SQL 2008 R2, check out the pagina below for all of the downloads and details.

Ter a Core server PowerShell is indeed useful. After installing the operating system you need to install PowerShell. This way you will love a powerful programming language when you need to configure some parameters of your operating system. Let mij tell you something. If know how to install Windows Powershell and have this rekentuig program te your server, getting rid of a virus is only an annoyance. If you want to protect your server to avoid that virus kick ter, then you need to use Windows PowerShell.

Te the next lines wij are going to talk about how to install Windows Powershell ter a brief time. You will know all the tips you need to install this useful programming language to take total advantage of all the capabilities of your server.

Very first, you have to go to the Windows Management Framework Core section te the webstek of Microsoft. Get a free download of Windows Powershell and choose your operating systems. 2nd, access the location where you will download the “setup.exe” verkeersopstopping and embark off downloading. After the installation click Begin, All Programs, Accessories and select Windows PowerShell. You need to install this laptop program ter your server right away. If you want to use PowerShell V2.0 you need to install Windows Server 2002 Service Pack Two (SP2) spil well. Ter the next lines wij will talk about guidelines used to install it, significant considerations to do it and many other things.

The very first thing you need to do when you go after the steps above is to get the Windows Management Framework. Now you just have to lunch the program. To do this just click Start-Run and type “powershell”, then press Inject and you are done. When you do this, Windows PowerShell will be added to the programs that your frequently use. If you do not see this program te this section, you can create an icon by hand. Please make sure that WMI and remote management are enabled te your server. Then you will need to click Commence, then Run and find “services.msc”. The following programs vereiste be set to run automatically: Windows Remote Management (WS-Management) and Windows Management Instrumentation. Spil you can see, knowing how to install Windows Powershell is very effortless.

Now you need to test the program attempting a connection to the 2003 machine. You do it when you open PowerShell te a Windows 2003 Server. Then run the instruction “Enable-psRemonting” and press Come in. If you are using a Windows 2008 R2 machine, you indeed need to use this directive while you are there. Now wij are going to use the following instruction for our very first connection Enter-psSession MachineName and this one to end our remote section Exit-psSession .

You have learned how to install Windows Powershell using the tips wij have told you. Spil you can see, understanding how to install Windows Powershell is not rocket science. All you need to do is to go after the tips above and that is all. You have learned that after downloading the software from the Microsoft webstek you need to choose the operating system. Please make sure you select the onberispelijk operating system because if you do not do it, the software will not run decently.

Wij told you that you need to use the directive section and type the directives wij told you above. Please reminisce that you need to use this verkeersopstopping: services.msc. This is an significant step spil well. Wij have outlined all the steps you need to know on how to install Windows Powershell but you can also observe a movie te Youtube to improve the process. You can also get the help of an IT professional if you go to any programming forum on the Internet.

The Basics of Windows Scripts

Windows scripts are used to control all the aspects of Windows. They are created using a powerful scripting language that this operating system has built-in. The basics of Windows scripts for Windows XP are what wij will talk about here. You voorwaarde also know that Windows 98 wasgoed the very first operating system of Microsoft with scripting included. If you want to finish your job lighter and swifter you need to create Windows scripts. You will just need to use your pc to get this help. Spil you have experienced, computers are one of the most helpful devices invented by the human mind. But if you want to finish your tasks te the pc ter the shortest time possible you need Windows scripts.

Te the next lines wij are going to talk about what you can do using Windows scripts. Wij will talk about variables, importance of scripts, OCR, comments, how to create your very first script and many other interesting things.

There are many Windows applications to automate all your tasks. You can use standard programming paradigms to go beyond step repetition. You will also find many of them with OCR technics included. This way you will recognize the most difficult words. Your Windows scripts can be run via schedule with the use of the Task Scheduler. This rekentuig program is included te every copy of Windows.

Wij just need to launch the Notepad to commence off creating Windows scripts. Thesis are the names of other editors you can use: SciTE, Scintilla and Script Editor. But most of the time Notepad will be enough. When you finish writing the script you need to give it the .VBS extension.

If you want to write out your very first script, please open your Notepad and type the following line: wscript.geluidsweerkaatsing “Hello World” and that is all. If you dual click on the verkeersopstopping a speelpop up will demonstrate up with “Hello World” ter it. But you can also use the instruction prompt and type “cscript hello.vbs” spil well.

If you are a programmer, you will need to comment your programs if you want to know what they are all about ter the future. A comment will not be seen by anyone but you. Your program will not be affected te any way if you write comments. Others will know what a chunk of code is all about if you comment on it. To write a comment ter a VBS opstopping you just need to type REM at the beginning of the line and begin off writing te the same line your comment. If an error happens, Windows will let you know about it. It will also let you know about the line that has the error.

All Windows scripts use variables to store strings and values. All you need to do to give a value to a variable is to type its name followed by the = sign. For example, ‘store = 24’ will be fine. The variable “store” holds the value “24” te the previous example. To create input boxes you will use the following guideline: InputBox(“message”). For example, store = InputBox(“What is your store?”) will display an input opbergruimte asking for a store name. The value of the input opbergruimte will be stored ter the variable “store”.

If you want to truly speed up your tasks you need to get the help of a pc. Windows scripts are here to make your fantasy come true. You can automate almost anything te Windows and this is thanks to the help of Windows scripts. Spil you have seen ter the above lines, creating a script te windows is not rocket science. If you want to automate Windows using scheduled task you need to use the Task Scheduler.

You vereiste also recall that you need to comment almost all the chunks of your scripts. The reason is that if anyone will everzwijn need to modify your script, he/she will know what your program is all about if you leave comments on it spil wij said above. This is a very effortless task and you will avoid a loterijlot of problems ter the future. Windows scripts are here to stay because your productivity will be enhanced using them. You need to automate most of your tasks and Windows scripts, the Task Scheduler and many other instruments will help you a loterijlot.

What is Windows PowerShell?

This should give a very high-level of what Windows PowerShell is for anyone who truly just doesn’t know what PowerShell is all about.


Windows PowerShell is used by System Administrators who write te a task based scripting and directive line language system. IT System Administrators use this scripting language to automate the administration of Windows Operating Systems, spil well spil other applications that are run on Windows. This system also permits IT Administrators to be able to use instructions to manage all of the computers ter a network from the directive line.


PowerShell offers many features that will simplify a System Administrators job. One feature the program provides is by having a navigation system that is based on directives, which lets the Administrator browse through a computers’ registry database, spil well spil any other gegevens storage areas. The way the program is designed is to use a common syntax and naming system, so gegevens inbetween computers can be collective lightly.

Sophisticated Tasks

When using this program for completing elaborate and tedious tasks, System Administrators are able to use a combination of ordinary directive implements ter the program te order to finish tasks, instead of issuing the guidelines out separately. This system houses overheen one hundred different directions to use, or the user may create their own instructions, and then share them among other power users.

Gegevens Accessibility

With Powershell, a System Administrator is able to access their laptop verkeersopstopping system. The shell system is also able to give the administrator access to other computers gegevens storage areas and registries just spil lightly.

Fresh Language

When using the Powershell system, the user of the system will realize that it does not use any other existing shell system languages. The reason why this system has its own language is because it needs to manage the .Televisiekanaal Framework objects. The shell system had to have an advanced system when dealing with the higher level programming systems, such spil C#.

Using Guidelines

A System Administrator is able to use instruction line programs inwards of the shell system. The system is also able to begin a graphics interface which can run a program like Notepad at the shell prompt. When using the Powershell directions, a power user is able to use the select-string feature to switch Windows Programs text.

Processing Objects

When a System Administrator is using Powershell, they are essentially using the framework for .Nipt objects. This fresh language system will enable an Administrator to be able to think te objects. A user can think of an object spil a gegevens entity that has different properties, which are similar to what characteristics are. When working with objects of the same type and properties, they will often have different values for each of the properties.

Windows Powershell is able to simplify the way a System Administrator runs directions. They will be able to access gegevens storage areas from different computers spil lightly spil they can open a verkeersopstopping on their own pc. This system also simplifies the way to inject instructions ter programs by combining the contraptions ter order to accomplish a task.

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