Peer-to-Peer Cryptocurrency Exchange and U

Thesis marketplaces will utilize a fresh patented market structure designed to trade supersized buy and sell orders spil well spil to operate spil a unique market for every buy and sell order coming in the market.

This is achieved using patented liquidity aggregation devices te a peer-to-peer network.

Moentum cryptocurrency spil well spil U.S. dollars will be accepted spil payment for services suggested from thesis exchanges. However, when Moentum cryptocurrency is used to purchase services, the price will be diminished by 55% for the cryptocurrency exchange and 10% for U.S. Stock Exchange.

One procent of all token revenue coming in either exchange will be placed into long term storage until 2027. Spil the planned Crypto & U.S. Stock Exchange revenue grows te fiat currency, the request for the tokens on the open market will increase. This is because there will be less of them due to the 1% removal.

Our main goals

Self-Trader Exchanges

Crypto Liquidity Aggregation

Block Crypto Trades

Crypto Quote Search Engine


During the pre-ICO sale, if a cap is achieved for a particular discount percentage then the next discount period embarks. After the ICO sale is overheen, no fresh Moentum tokens will everzwijn be produced. Tokens are minted on request. Total potential supply of tokens is Two,211,300,000. That is 1,701,000,000 to the purchasers of the tokens and 510,300,000 to the company.

For each ten tokens sold, three tokens will be authorized to the Company and ten tokens authorized to the Purchaser.

This amounts to 23% of the tokens. This provides tokens to the Company Treasury for future needs spil well spil support for our team, advisors, and our affiliate premie program.

Moentum Tokens can only be minted by the above method. After ICO there will be a immobile sum of Moentum Tokens forever.

Payments made Moentum cryptocurrency will automatically receive 10% off any services suggested at either exchange te perpetuity. Customers at both exchanges will sell fiat currencies to purchase Moentum cryptocurrency to increase their purchasing power.

The Moentum/dollar exchange rate will determine the value of the Moentum crypto-currency.

Road opbergmap

Marketing ICO and proceed development on our cryptocurrency exchange software

Spot Quote files Form 1 to SEC to become U.S. Stock Exchange

Moentum Cryptocurrency Exchange embarks trading and mining operations

Spot Quote LLC starts trading spil an U.S. Stock Exchange

Spot Quote LLC commences trading spil an Alternative Trading System (ATS)


Server backend GUI

  • List of processed securities
  • List of active orders
  • Order matching and execution results
  • Account tracking

Customer practice

  • A market gegevens view
  • Placing an order
  • Browsing the history

Technicus’s area

  • System overview


Donating to charity

Our team

Moentum Trading Services Ltd

Austin, Texas U.S.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Moentum Trading Services Ltd

Austin, Texas U.S.

Moentum Trading Services Ltd

Moentum Trading Services Ltd

Moentum Trading Services Ltd

Moentum Trading Services Ltd


System and method for block trading

This invention describes a fresh type of stock exchange that uses decoys to protect the trading rente contained ter the orders it displays to the market. This introduces the concept that traders can disclose their trading rente to the market by “diluting“ their trading rente just enough to attract versus parties, but not “concentrate” their trading rente to the degree that it can be gamed by other traders.

When orders are entered into the market using this invention, decoy trading interests (limit orders) are entered on the opposite side of the market to counterbalance them. Decoy trading interests neutralize the supply/request influence of an order injecting the market. This reduces trading rente leakage, which also reduces what is widely known spil the slippage/transaction costs associated with block trading.

System and method for execution delayed trading

This invention provides a fresh type of limit order that checks the market at the uur that the limit order is matched with a versus order. If the market has switched due to the influence of the matched orders by scanning the stock exchanges, the matched orders are not converted into trade executions.

This prevents what market makers call being “run overheen.” It permits market makers to provide market quotes and at the same time opt out when third parties attempt to at the same time sweep the stock exchanges for quotes. It coerces the quote seeker to come in into a one-on-one automated negotiation directly with the market maker, which is advantageous to the market maker. Of course, the market does not build up any efficiencies unless the market makers rival against each other.

System and method for block trading

This invention describes a fresh market maker order type that trades above or below the National Best Bid or Offerande (NBBO). When the limit order executes, it will attempt to liquidate itself back into the markets to seek hidden and better-priced quotes.

System and method for facilitating the trading

of financial instruments

This invention describes a fresh limit order type called Hide Side. It is designed to be displayed to the market, but not to disclose if a trader is buying or selling. It permits a trader to effectively advertise what he needs to get done and at the same time reduce his trading rente footprint to the market.

It protects limit orders from penny hopping. It also reduces the transaction costs associated with trading. It is a must-have for brokers to protect their customers’ limit orders when they are entered into the market. It works for all types of financial instruments.

System and method for trading above

or below the market

This patent is revolutionary, because it suggests that the “quantity” of securities along with the price can be electronically negotiated spil lightly spil the stock exchanges presently express the prices of their listed shares. This converts the negotiation of financial instruments into a two-dimensional process.

This is achieved through a fresh limit order type that is designed for market makers. It permits market makers to build a quote toverfee into their limit orders ter rechtstreeks proportion to the risk associated with packing particular orders. This opens the onderbrak to a fresh type of specialist that provides a quote based on quote fees. It is a must-have for market makers, so they can more efficiently price risk. It works for all types of financial instruments.

System and method for trading above

or below the market

This invention is the Japanese version of U.S. Patent 7,076,461. It is active and ter total force. The Founder has agreed to assign this patent to the Company, however, spil of November 2018 assignment has not bot formally filed at the Japan PTO.


Voeling us

Upon taking act on the voet of information introduced ter this whitepaper, the Moentum Ltd (Moentum) webstek, Spot Quote Holdings, Inc., Spot Quote LLC (Spot Quote) or other content produced by Moentum, you confirm that: this whitepaper, the Moentum webstek, or any other material produced by Moentum is not an suggesting, solicitation, or prospectus of any kleintje. Neither wij strafgevangenis any third-party service provider shall be liable for any zuigeling of harm or loss, including onmiddellijk and officieus, that may fall upon you spil a result of reading the whitepaper, materials produced by Moentum, or the Moentum webstek. The whitepaper is intended for informational purposes only. You agree that your primary motive to purchase tokens is not to sell them ter the aftermarket but rather hold them for future redemption for trading services suggested by Moentum or Spot and to make a puny donation to the Crimson Cross. It is not intended to be investment advice, a solicitation of any kleintje, or an endorsement. Any decisions or deeds taken on the voet of information introduced ter this whitepaper, the Moentum webstek, or other content is done at your own risk and discretion. You agree you are of a legal age ter the jurisdiction to be able to purchase tokens. You are aware of risks ter the cryptocurrency industry and are able to bear potential losses te total. This could occur if not enough money is raised, government regulators are not cooperative, business concepts fail to produce a viable business result and any other reason that could impair Moentum’s plans. You agree nothing contained te the webpagina constitutes investment, legal or tax advice. Neither the information strafgevangenis any opinion contained te the webpagina constitutes a solicitation or an suggest to buy or sell any securities, futures, options or other financial instruments. Decisions based on information contained on this webpagina are the foot responsibility of the visitor. The materials ter the webpagina are provided «as is» without warranties of any kleintje (either express or implied). To the fullest extent permissible pursuant to applicable law, any and all warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are disclaimed. The information provided on this webstek is not intended for distribution to, or use by, any person te any jurisdiction or country where such distribution or use would be contrary to any law or regulation, or which would subject Moentum Ltd (including their affiliates) or any of their products or services to any registration, licensing or other authorization requirement within such jurisdiction or country. This is a fresh and unregulated space, this is why wij require you to agree to such a rigid disclosure, however best efforts will be made to carry out the project spil disclosed te Moentum’s webstek and whitepaper. Wij believe our plans help the world by making our markets more liquid and perhaps helping the American Crimson Cross with a sizable donation.

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