The Hashflare Cloud Mining Webstek is Down, NiceHash wasgoed Hacked for $64M, Crypto Cannibal

A lotsbestemming of people are talking about cloud mining, and while some people are making a killing, not all of the chatter is positive. With numerous reports of 30%+ monthly gains, and 1000%+ annual gains, I had to take a closer look. From what I have seen te various channel and feeds, one word ter particular come to mind when I think about Scheme.

The official Hashflare twitter account seems active and well populated on the surface. The company is even an exhibitor at a convention ter EU te the near future according to a tweet made yesterday. However, when you look at the comments, there are dozens of customers reaching out for answers with no reply from the social media team.

Maybe they are just dazed. A closer look at their Alexa rank exposes that had 21M unique visitors last month.

A Loterijlot of Fresh Customers that are Fresh to Crypto

With a program that pays out daily and a Three month average to break-even, it is understandable why hashflare contracts become one of the most popular bitcoin mining contracts on the market. Many people are dumping thousands into contracts and they don’t even know what a SHA-256 contract is, only that it happens to be the most profitable bitcoin mining contract for 2018.

Overheen 3000 customer service tickets are te the queue and many support requests on twitter remain unanswered, I am thinking most of thesis questions are very basic and if you have even mild practice with BTC transaction, then you will not need to everzwijn interact with customer service.

Unconfirmed Transactions te the BTC Blockchain

After investigating deeper into this punt of slow transaction speed, I came to find out that hashflare is NOT the only webstek experiencing slow withdrawal and transfer of BTC. According to live blockchain view on blockchain.informatie, there are overheen 100,000 unconfirmed transactions te the blockchain. Toverfee’s are spil high spil $17 vanaf transaction.

This is not a fresh phenomenon for Bitcoin. When there are too many transactions on the blockchain, fees go up and transactions slow down. This is an kwestie that the freshly researched Lightning Technology hopes to address.

Back to the Futures

The news and launch of the CBOE Bitcoin Futures Market on and leading up to Dec 10th have introduced ems of millions of dollars ter fresh sales and trades to the BTC blockchain, clogging up the network temporarily. Thesis transactions will be processed ter the coming days and weeks and then transactions will increase ter speed, and decrease te toverfee.

r/hashflare Reddit is Worried

You can be sure that many customers are worried. Comments are streaming ter on the official hashflare reddit r/hashflare. One particular comment stood out to mij:

The NiceHash Hack

This morning ter a related story, NiceHash, one of the most popular bitcoin mining softwares for amateurs and professionals wasgoed hacked for an estimated 64 million dollars worth of bitcoin.

This could be a enormous overeenkomst if Hashflare mining farms use NiceHash software to mine.

NiceHash is a digital currency marketplace that matches people looking to sell processing time on their computers ter exchange for the digital currency bitcoin.

NiceHash advised users to switch online passwords, telling it wasgoed still attempting to understand what had happened during the incident.

“We understand that you will have a loterijlot of questions, and wij ask for patience and understanding while wij investigate the causes and find the adequate solutions for the future of the service,” the company said te its statement. via nicehash press release

A Glimmer of Hope: Hashflare Status

UPDATE: The webstek for is back up and no payouts have bot missed, even during the NiceHash Hack.

One chunk of information that puts mij the slightest bit at ease are Two little green checkmarks on the hashflare status pagina located at

The webpagina claims to be fully functional with mines at work, and that the webpagina has bot taken down for improvised maintenance.

I am sent on a rollercoaster of emotion when reading webpages like this. (above)

Did you have a good/bad practice with hashflare? Wij’d love to know, leave a comment below.

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